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Deep Swedish

Deep Swedish is a combination of traditional Swedish massage & Deep Tissue. Long strokes, kneading, compression, & focused attention to areas of tightness, soreness. Pressure is medium to deep & may feel challenging but should never feel invasive.


ADD an enhancement to enrich your experience:


CBD Enhanced Massage

A high grade oil-based CBD product is used to enhance & amplify stress reduction & muscle relief. This service is built on a Deep Swedish platform. There is a $25 upcharge fee for this enhancement.


Targeted Hot Stone

Heated stones are applied to a specific area of your choosing that are of particular tightness or concern & absent of pathology, i.e. Neck & Shoulders or Low Back/Lumbar Region. The heat relaxes the muscles & increases circulation. You must request this enhancement at the time you schedule your appointment for preparation but there is no obligation when you arrive for your appointment. There is a $15 upcharge fee for this enhancement.

Deep Swedish

  • Return and Refund Policy:  We do not offfer a refund on services.  Payment is due before a session begins so that the client may enjoy a stress free departure once the session has concluded.

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