My Offerings

I have been in private practice since 1996 & in that time my continuing studies have encompassed many modalities: tui na, myofascial release/connective tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, prenatal massage, & massage for the cancer patient, as I have searched for the best methods that speak to me so that I can best treat you. While I do not practice these modalities specifically aspects are often incorporated & thus inform my work.

Deep Swedish

Is characterized by a combination of long strokes, kneading, compression, & focused attention to areas of tightness, soreness & mild dysfunction to encourage circulation, create space, & the removal of metabolic waste. Pressure is medium to deep. While the pressure is generally deeper than Swedish & may feel challenging it should never feel invasive. A “Touch of Hot Stone Therapy” can be added to address your “problem area” on appointments of 60+ minutes for an additional fee of $20.00. Please advise me in advance to allow for preparation & keep in mind that jojoba oil is used in this application.


Craniosacral Therapy/Biodynamic & Upledger Institute

Is a subtle yet profound approach that affects the whole person. A treatment is comprised of gentle "listening" touch while you lie fully clothed. Individual experiences vary from deep relaxation to tissue release to heat and/or tingling, among various sensations. This work is beneficial for those seeking resilience, increased vitality, help with life after accidents, traumas, surgeries, & injuries, to name a some examples.


Restorative Hot Stone Deep Tissue Therapy

 Heated stones combined with jojoba oil are applied to the body to deeply relax the nervous system while also warming the tissues for appropriate & specific deep tissue work. In the Ayurvedic tradition oil is considered food for the skin & the body readily receives the nurturing oil & the stone placements while warm stones (& occasionally cool ones) are used in my hands. This full body service is currently available in Silver Spring only & scheduled for 90 ($110), 105 ($170), or 120 ($190) minutes.


Thai Style Bodyword-Thai Table Stretching/Nayada Institute

Described as dynamic & energetic this form of bodywork is based on Thai Yoga Massage. Stretching, breath work & the stimulation of the Thai system of "Sen" energy lines running through the body are incorporated. It is performed on a standard massage table for your comfort while you are fully clothed or can be combined with other massage techniques. Great for increasing range of motion, flexibility, & energy that will leave you feeling relaxed yet energized.


On-Site/Corporate Seated Upper Body Massage

An excellent way to introduce stress reduction & promote health & relaxation. Perfect in the workplace, parties, weddings, or just about any other kind of occasion. Make it a part of your company's wellness or incentive program. Seated Massage can benefit you, your employees, co-workers, & your company. Call to discuss how seated massage can be tailored to your individual needs.


Integrated Positional Therapy/Lee Albert Protocol

Positions the pained muscle fibers in such a way that they can "rest &reset" the muscle network, effectively bringing the body back to wellness. Pain originating from trauma, accidents, daily repetitive movements (typing), & habitual positions (sitting in a car) can all cause the same results: spot-specific pain, such as a knot, and/or radiating pain. This therapy can manifest long-term results; your relief lasts until you do something to make the muscles sore again. As such, you will learn how to perform daily activities with little or no discomfort, so that your pain relief is long lasting. Positional Release balances & heals the brilliantly connected map of muscles that give strength to your body & power to your life. Initial appointments are scheduled for 90-minutes for assessment & treatment.


How to Get a Free Session


My practice grows best through reliable referrals from you. For every 7 new clients who schedule & pay for appointments, & who mention your name when scheduling, a free 60-minute massage/bodywork session will be awarded to you.

A great way to let that special someone know that you care about them & their well-being. Perfect for ANY occasion.

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